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Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

Art is a passion come to life.

At Theatre 444 we...

Create high-quality theatre that honors the messages, impacts others, and inspires our work. We aim for vibrant and diverse arts                                    and cultural offerings that work to create equity and inclusion of all.  

Share with the public through innovative experiences and ongoing opportunities to connect people with art.

Participate in philanthropic giving and sharing to organizations serving our community and creating public arts access.

Cultivate a network of funders, sponsors, partners, and community artists in order to acquire collaborative support.

Strive to challenge ourselves to think differently about ways to serve our community and move their thinking forward.

Uplift the narrative of the importance of universal creativity.

Inspire change and growth in others and in ourselves, as well as developing artistic values and purpose.


Founding Director

Holy Troublemaker

Pam has been a lifetime theatre artist learning about, performing, creating, choreographing, directing, and producing theatre for 40 years. She is a Nationally Certified Teacher and has both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Education and Theatre from SUNY Fredonia.  Additionally, she holds an Educational Administrative Degree from the University of Rochester.  While she continues to serve as a NYS educator, Pam has been a part of hundreds of productions with local theatre groups and donates most of her free time to the pursuit of the arts in the Finger Lakes. She is a Theatre Association of New York State Award winning director and actor multiple times.  

Pam Rapoza

She has served with the Theatre Association of New York State as a roving adjudicator providing feedback to hundreds of NYS community theatres in an effort to improve their artform.  She has also served as a Division Leader and member of the Steering committee for the Rochester Broadway Theatre League’s Education Program, Stars of Tomorrow.  This program provides educational feedback and opportunity for local high school theatre students around central New York. Pam has worked her whole life to share with the community through innovative experiences and ongoing opportunities to connect people with art. Her passion is creating theatre that moves and inspires audiences to learn and grow.  Her hobby is troublemaking and creating thoughtful art. 

But Wait....what does

444 Mean!???

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