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What is Pam Rapoza listening to as she prepares to direct Alice By Heart?  Enjoy this playlist by Pam and join us this September for Alice!


Kathleen Bessette

The love and care that go into your productions is evident.  Thank you for bringing Quality Theater to our little area of the world!

Megan Carlson

What I have learned about Theatre 444 is that they push me out of my comfort zone and though most of them have not been my classic favorites, I learn something new about myself with each one, and my boundaries of thought are pushed. The beauty of Theatre 444 is that you will NEVER get the overdone, mundane. However, you will get the thought-provoking closet show that has a story to be told.

Lexi Tucker

Theater444 proves that theater is adaptable beyond compare. Even when COVID-19 has shut down the stages, they have overcome and brought entertainment to audiences everywhere.



SOOOOO Incredible!  Bravo Theatre444!!!

Craig Deisering

Theatre444 doing what they do.  FU is some ART for ya!!

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